I can not express how thankful I am for Grant Thornton helping me through this dark moment in my life. They made me and my children happy.

— Kabil Al-Sabti

I wish to thank the Grant Thornton team for so conveniently and effectively setting my mind at ease regarding a matter as complex and worrisome as financial distress. Tracey, Lorre, Susan, and everyone else on the GT team were absolutely great. I found them all to be very articulate, polite, understanding, and extremely helpful while upholding transparency at every step of the way. I am so pleased with my experience that I would strongly recommend GT to my friends and family should they require debt solution.

— Malik Mohammed Ali, Milton, ON

I was feeling lost, shameful, and unsure of how to fix my finances, until I called Grant Thornton. They were very professional and understanding. After starting the consumer proposal, I knew I made the right decision going through Grant Thornton. They walked me through the whole process. Thank you Carla for all your help. A weight has been lifted.

— Anonymous

We would like to give our thanks and praise to Carla Arellano and Jyoti Anand at Grant Thornton. We were in a financial crisis and we needed help. Carla was very professional, knowledgeable, and lovely to work with. She and Jyoti negotiated with our creditors and we entered in a consumer proposal that fits our budget. Thank you, we are forever grateful!

— Anonymous, Edmonton, AB

I went to Grant Thornton, desperate for financial relief of some sort. I just had a son, was changing between jobs and had been paying debts for over 12 years. I have said it before and will say it again, the people at GT are amazing. I took the consumer proposal option and am finally financially at a good place. I can provide for my family and buy the occasional gift for my son.
Recently the CRA tried to ‘get their money’ that had been paid through the Consumer Proposal. I contacted Candace at GT and she took care of the several phone calls and discussions with CRA agents who don’t seem to know anything about my account. I have received several emails from the CRA regarding this… but Candance and GT have always supported me.
Make the RIGHT choice, choose Grant Thornton and let them help you too.

— Eric B., Fredericton, NB