I can not express how thankful I am for Grant Thornton helping me through this dark moment in my life. They made me and my children happy.

— Kabil Al-Sabti

I wish to thank the Grant Thornton team for so conveniently and effectively setting my mind at ease regarding a matter as complex and worrisome as financial distress. Tracey, Lorre, Susan, and everyone else on the GT team were absolutely great. I found them all to be very articulate, polite, understanding, and extremely helpful while upholding transparency at every step of the way. I am so pleased with my experience that I would strongly recommend GT to my friends and family should they require debt solution.

— Malik Mohammed Ali, Milton, ON

I was feeling lost, shameful, and unsure of how to fix my finances, until I called Grant Thornton. They were very professional and understanding. After starting the consumer proposal, I knew I made the right decision going through Grant Thornton. They walked me through the whole process. Thank you Carla for all your help. A weight has been lifted.

— Anonymous

We would like to give our thanks and praise to Carla Arellano and Jyoti Anand at Grant Thornton. We were in a financial crisis and we needed help. Carla was very professional, knowledgeable, and lovely to work with. She and Jyoti negotiated with our creditors and we entered in a consumer proposal that fits our budget. Thank you, we are forever grateful!

— Anonymous, Edmonton, AB

I just want to thank Grant Thornton and especially to Mr. Mark Gatpayat for assisting me through my application and advising me on the best path forward.

I wish all the best for the company!

— Robien Manglicmot, Winnipeg, MB

I was hesitant at first to pursue filing a consumer proposal but I’m glad I made the right decision. I was drowning in debt and I didn’t know what to do. I spoke to many companies that offer consumer proposal but I found the right one to fit my needs. Christie Flynn was such a wonderful lady, she helped me through all of the steps. I had lots of questions about filing a consumer proposal but she gave me all the information I needed before starting the process. I want to thank everyone in Grant Thornton, especially Christie Flynn and Nathan Bell, for making this possible.

— Sherry A., Winnipeg, MB

Thank you to Grant Thornton and it’s amazing team. We were treated with respect by every person we spoke with. We never were made to feel ashamed for the situation we were in. I felt comfortable speaking to the team and finally have answers on how to fix my situation. Their program has given me the tools I need to fix my situation and achieve to goals I want to achieve. It’s comforting to know they are only a phone call away if I have questions. Thank to an amazing team!

— Sharon Hamelin, Belle River, ON

Shannon at Grant Thornton was very kind and understanding during our phone consultation. It was a hard phone call to make but I needed to get myself back on track. I am still working through the process, but if you need financial help, I would encourage you to just make that call to get help. Shannon and the team have been very kind and helpful.

— Jenny, Niagara, ON

To Tracey S. and the wonderful team at Grant Thornton:

I wanted to express my deep gratitude and thanks for helping me through the process of a consumer proposal. Tracey and the team were non judgmental, emphatic, understanding, knowledgeable, kind, and considerate. I wish I knew about this a decade ago as it would have saved me from a lot of financial stress, pain, and pressure for all these years. I would highly recommend the wonderful team at Grant Thornton to anyone struggling with debt. Thank you for all your help!

— El

I can’t say enough how great it has been working with Grant and Thornton. Had I known it was this easy to get out of debt, I have have started years ago. Financial Stress isn’t something anyone should have to live with and the people at Grant and Thornton take such an understanding and helpful approach. I have felt very comfortable dealing with them and getting back on track.

— Pete, Halifax, NS