Canada’s farmers are navigating challenges on many fronts. Many stressors such as weather, government regulations, and commodity prices are out of farmers’ control. Debt can build up from purchasing or maintaining expensive machinery, trade challenges, and damaged crops due to climate change. Individual farmers face unprecedented stress levels as they navigate debt, poor harvests, and politics.

Debt help for farmers

If you are a farmer facing financial difficulties, there are options designed specifically for the agricultural sector under various federal and provincial legislation including the following:

  • Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act (BIA), (Federal)
  • Farm Debt Mediation Act (Federal)
  • Livestock Products Act (Various provincial)
  • Livery Stable Keepers Act (Various provincial)
  • Crop Payments Act (Various provincial)
  • Possessory Liens Act (Various provincial)
  • Dairy Industry Act (Various provincial)

We have debt professionals here at Grant Thornton who have experience helping those in the agriculture sector who are dealing with financial troubles. At Grant Thornton, we offer judgment-free, 30-minute consultations to help you find the best path to debt freedom.

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