Fresh Start Workbook

Download and save this fillable PDF to your computer. Complete as much of it as you can prior to your free consultation. Don’t feel you need to have everything completed before you meet with one of our debt professionals. However, the more detailed information we have about your financial situation, the more quickly we can get you closer to your fresh start!

Income and Expense Statement

When a person files an Assignment in Bankruptcy, a portion of their take-home pay may be payable to the Licensed Insolvency Trustee for the benefit of all creditors. The actual amount payable depends on several factors, such as the take-home pay of the family unit, the number of people in the family and whether the family has non-discretionary expenses such as child care or child support. Any questions you have with respect to surplus income can be addressed at your initial consultation.

Income Tax Information Form (2023)

Your LIT is required to file your pre-and post-bankruptcy income tax return within the year you filed. In order for us to meet the Canadian Revenue Agency’s April 30th deadline, the attached form must be completed and returned by MARCH 15, 2024. Please reference our Frequently Asked Questions 2023 document prior to completing this form.

Self-Employment Form

If you are self-employed or own a small business, you will need to download and complete this form.  Any questions you have with respect to self-employment can be addressed at your initial consultation.

Proof of Claim for Creditors

If you are owed money, the LIT will send you a notice of bankruptcy as well as a list of creditors and the amounts of their claims. You must fill out this form to share in the dividends and vote at the first meeting of creditors (if one is held).