It really felt to my husband and I that we were immediately taken under the Grand Thornton wing. We never once felt any judgment or shame, sharing our financial story and how we got to this “shameful” stage in our financial journey – a point where we had to seek help. The GT team was so helpful, kind and warm. A big shout-out to Lisa B and Chantel J for your exceptional level of professionalism and expertise. Thank you, thank you!

— Anonymous Client, British Columbia


Thanks so much for all your help getting through this rough patch. You were so professional and I did not feel a single moment of reproach, which was so appreciated. You helped me through a most difficult time for me, and I just wanted to say thank you very much.

— Anonymous Client, Vancouver, BC

A huge thank you for helping me get back on track financially after a horrendous divorce that took everything. Very helpful and informative staff. Recommend this to all those who need assistance with financial issues/bankruptcy.

— Denise S, Saanich, BC

I wish to thank all individuals that handled my file with diplomacy. I was not confident with the situation I had to choose to go through, however, all the people I spoke with and the directions given to me were very helpful in accepting my situation. All the modules given to follow were very helpful and the counselling was extremely helpful in giving me directions and understanding that budgeting is a critical tool in helping us be in a much better situation.
I personally want to thank all the individuals that helped point me in the right direction and enabled me to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

— Geraldine Martin

As anyone who has been through this experience can attest, the necessity to declare bankruptcy and admit defeat with your finances is not an easy one. There is so much miseducation around the whole situation that causes many of us to put this off longer than we should, mostly because we just don’t understand how the process works and so we are afraid to really confront it. I am so grateful to have chosen Sandy L (Alberta) and Grant Thornton to help me navigate my way through this in truly the least painful and judgmental way possible to get this situation resolved. Highly recommend!

— Anonymous Client, Alberta

Kudo’s to the staff at Grant Thornton, that not only provided me with the information necessary to make the decision that was the best possible for my circumstances. They were always available, even during COVID-19 and responded to me with quick and concise answers to any and all my questions. The kindness I was shown by the staff & Trustee of the Thunder Bay office was unmeasurable. They made my decision one of the best I could have made!

— Donna M, Atikokan, ON

Bankruptcy is a very difficult situation for anyone to be in, probably just as difficult as the situation that put you into bankruptcy in the first place. I feel very lucky to have the support of the people at Grant Thornton, to help me get back on my feet. I had a stroke, which makes it very difficult to process things other may find simple. The representatives of at Grant Thornton, provided me courtesy, patients and understanding to get back on the path of financial solvency.

As I told the people at Grant Thornton, “Thank you” is not saying enough for their help.

— Anonymous Client, Belleville

I was absolutely thrilled with the service and the assistance Grant Thornton has provided to me through the bankruptcy process. I was particularly pleased with Michelle and how helpful she was.

— Anonymous Client, Duncan, BC

We are so very grateful and thankful for all that Jaylynn and Rob and the team has done for us. A very large and heavy burden has been lifted from us. Thank you so very much from the bottom of our hearts.

— Josephine C, Halifax ,NS

I would like to say thankyou to all of the staff that have assisted me with my bankruptcy thru Grant and Thornton. They have made this process so absolutely smooth and stress free. I had it in my head that the whole bankruptcy thing was taboo and for over 7 years I struggled with my debts and was ashamed of myself and the decisions I had made in my younger years. But going through this process with Grant and Thornton has taught me a lesson in my life that I have nothing to be ashamed about, and that bankruptcy is not taboo or a bad thing at all! It is a positive change for the better, to rectify the mistakes that I made in my younger years with my finances. I can honestly say that I am definitely in a better place financially now, then I was less than a year ago and I have a new, fresh start on my finances in life. I am so grateful for all the support, and freedom from debt! I can now enjoy the little things in life, all because I did the right thing and contacted Grant and Thornton to guide me through the process and make sure that I came out on top with a new outlook on my finances. Thankyou so very much everyone from Grant and Thornton!!!

— Michelle H, Cole Harbour, NS