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Working with Grant Thornton is…well, our clients say it best.

Only 7 months ago I was overwhelmed with credit card debt, I was unable to sleep from worry and felt there was no hope. I am so glad I contacted Grant Thornton. With their help, I am now able to sleep again! I filed a consumer proposal and the process was not stressful at all! Grant Thornton was always there and helped me through every stage and explained everything thoroughly. I urge anyone who feels overwhelmed with debt to contact them. My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner.

— Anonymous Client

I had been struggling for years living paycheque to paycheque. When I lost my job, the future with all my debt looked grim. I met with Rob McLernon and he explained how I could get my life back. I am happy that I made the decision to talk with Grant Thornton. 

— Anonymous client from Halifax, NS

Prior to going to Grant Thornton, I felt terrible. I was always in my overdraft because I couldn’t make it through the entire month on my pension income. Once I filed I was able to pay my bills, buy groceries and even buy new clothes.

I found everybody at Grant Thornton very helpful. I was expecting a stressful experience, but Susan Methuen made it so I didn’t feel guilty or out of place. There were people available to contact and answer my questions. The counselling sessions with Kathleen Haase were great for showing me how to get myself out of debt and being able to save money. I have told many people to go to Grant Thornton.

— Jerri J, Edmonton, AB

I was at the office feeling my senior mother deal with what is most definitely a tough situation. Kara Kolbenson was a joy to work with and was extremely respectful and put my mom at ease. I would recommend her to anyone. Thank you.

— Steve R, Calgary, AB

Coming to terms with my financial situation and actually acting to change it has been, to say the least, a complex and difficult process for me, as it must be for many others. My personal struggles with anxiety have made the journey both longer and personally challenging. I have had the good fortune to have Rob McLernon of Grant Thornton work with me to resolve the first step – entering bankruptcy – on my path toward financial well-being. Rob’s calm, confident, and considerate manner enabled me to take this step, to move forward, and for this, I am sincerely appreciative. Thank you, Rob. 

— Anonymous Client from NS

I owned a subcontracting company that was growing steadily, but we unfortunately took on some work with a general contractor who could not pay his bills and we were stuck with the crippling debt. I felt sick to my stomach every day thinking about the people down the line that I couldn’t pay back. I never thought about bankruptcy because I thought I was responsible with my money and that it couldn’t happen to me. After weeks of not knowing what to do, getting served, and staring at an insurmountable amount of debt, I contacted GT and was lucky enough to link up with Morgan Kelly. She has literally saved my life! She has been an amazing resource, her ability to explain complex financial systems is unparalleled. She’s patient, fair, and knowledgeable. I’m so glad my file landed on her desk. If you are looking for debt relief, please, stop the suffering and call Morgan, she’s the best!

— Client from Vancouver, BC

I filled out my information on the website and the next day I was contacted by Lindsay Reeves. She set up a meeting for us to talk on the phone and she called me at the exact time she said she would on the exact day. She provided me with so much information that I felt was so extremely useful and amazing. It was like I made a new friend who was willing to help me out of a bad situation! She talked to me and explained step-by-step what would happen. She explained to me what I needed to do and how I could get the help that I needed and what my options were. She told me that she was there for me and that any questions or any concerns I had I could feel free to reach out to her at any time and that she would get back to me as quickly as possible. She really lived up to that expectation because every single time I emailed she replied quickly and efficiently that I felt like I was being looked after very well. Lindsay gave me advice that I will use forever! She is a superstar!

— M, Dartmouth, NS

I had such a great experience with this company. Filing for bankruptcy is a scary process, especially for someone that’s never been through it before. Kara was extremely helpful and patient with me. She explained the entire process, laying out all of my options for me, and responded to a multitude of emails with all my questions promptly, and in a professional manner. I would highly recommend working with her, and any of the staff at Grant Thornton.

— Jessica W, Calgary, AB

Was very happy with Grant Thornton.

— Marilyn M, St Paul, AB

It was a pleasant experience for both my mom and I. We are very grateful for their support and advice. They made us feel like we mattered.

— Marilyn, St Paul, AB


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