#GTKnowledgeisMoney – Top Money Management Tips from Peers

Since Financial Literacy Month has officially wrapped, we’d like to express our gratitude to everyone who joined the conversation online to share their best money management advice. We received an overwhelming amount of submissions and loved reading everyone’s advice on how they manage their finances.

The financial tips from the community were so great that we decided to share some of the tips people submitted – after all, the campaign was all about peer-to-peer sharing, so in our minds, these tips can’t be shared enough!

Tweet from CC @Rockawaytheday – @GTDebtRelief #GTKnowledgeisMoney Research, spend responsibly, take advantage of reward programs. Don't spend money you don't have.

Tweet from cdubs @cchicki – @GTDebtRelief #GTKnowledgeisMoney My tip is put away 10% of every pay cheque into some type of savings. You won't miss it if you don't see it hit your bank account #GTKnowledgeisMoney

Tweet from Andrea Duncan @andydunks85 – @GTDebtRelief #GTknowledgeidmoney, Use a cash back credit card! I pay for everything with my CC and the pay it off in full at the end of each month. I've earned hundreds of dollars off of my credit card doing this!

Tweet from Eilleen Clarke @aejclarke123 – @GTDebtRelief I found it to be a real eye opener to journal my spending for one week...coffee and snacks total was mind blowing ...I now put my coffee money in a jar and treat myself at the end of the month!#GTknowledgeisMoney

Tweet from Kelly L @KellyLee905 – @GTDebtRelief #GTKnowledgeIsMoney My Monday money management tip is to save towards retirement as early in your life as possible! Even $100 a month goes a long way towards the RRSP savings. Better yet....find an employer that will match your contributions!

We also want to send a big congratulations to ANDREA DUNCAN, who was the winner of the #GTKnowledgeisMoney $500 prize!

Thank-you to everyone who participated – even if the official month of financial literacy is over, the learning should never stop.

If you’re looking for debt management advice, our experienced team of Licensed Insolvency Trustees are available for free consultations at any of our locations across Canada, to meet with you and provide the best debt solutions for your particular financial situation.

We believe every one deserves a chance for a financial fresh start. We look forward to hearing from you!

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