I am so relieved that I finally made the call. Like many others I wish I’d done it sooner. Even if you’re just look into debt relief options, call now. Don’t wait and let the debt keep growing. There was absolutely NO judgement when I reached out. They’ve heard it all. Whatever caused your debt, they won’t judge you.

Along with finding a sustainable solution for paying down my debt, they shared so much knowledge and advice. I knew a little about my finances, but the in depth answers they provide were so insightful. There are still many steps in this process, but I don’t feel overwhelmed. They’ve helped me each and every step of the way and are so supportive. Be open, honest, and take lots of notes! Seriously, do not wait any longer!

— Anonymous, Halifax, NS

This was a very hard decision to make, no one really wants to admit they need help, but there comes a time where there is no other alternative. From the first time I talk to Krista, she made me feel that everything was going to be okay. She was not judgemental or critical in any way. She offer different ways we could proceed and, with the information I was given, I made the decision that was the best for me. Her kindness and compassion was uplifting and it took away the sense of shame I carried for having debt. No one wants to be in this position, but I couldn’t have asked for better service. Thanks to the team, you’re not just a business, but you felt like family.

— Marie-Johanne True, Shediac, NB

I had a very good service. I was afraid to file for bankrupt, but that was the best thing I did. It ended years of being stressed out and now I feel a lot better. I want to thank Grant Thornton and their team for solving my problems. I recommend Grant Thornton.

— Robert Mallet, Six Roads, NB

I have been in financial turmoil, keeping my head above water the best I could. My accumulated debt for the past ten years put me in a situation where I had to work two jobs just to pay the minimum. Recently, I lost my second job, and therefore could not make the same payments. The bills were already mounting – and I then had to borrow some more money for my dad’s hospitalization and medication.

I had no one to turn to, until somebody suggested a debt management program. I spoke to somebody from a different company and they explained what it meant. I would still be required to pay the same amount and that I it would take 4.5 years. That would not have solved my problems because I already couldn’t pay.

That company then pointed me to Grant Thornton (GT) to look at more options. Christie Flynn at Grant Thornton was very gracious and understanding of my situation. She did a thorough assessment and presented a plan that could help my situation. She was ever so patient in answering all of my one million questions – no judgments, no side comments, very respectful and empathetic throughout.

I know a lot of you who are reading this are probably in deep debt. Reach out to Grant Thornton, they have been the light at the end of the tunnel.

— Anonymous

Sophie was amazing from start to finish! She never judged me and made sure I understood everything. I would 100% recommend her and Grant Thornton!

— Amanda, NB

A huge thank you to Christie Flynn! I was so overwhelmed and struggled with the idea of filing a consumer proposal, but she took her time explaining everything. She Walking me through the process and gave the best advice! She is incredibly knowledgeable! There was no judgment and she is so personable and easy to talk to about my situation! I’m so glad I called and now move forward with financial stability! She is genuine kind person and part of an amazing team!

— Jenn, Winnipeg, MB

I went to Grant Thornton, desperate for financial relief of some sort. I just had a son, was changing between jobs and had been paying debts for over 12 years. I have said it before and will say it again, the people at GT are amazing. I took the consumer proposal option and am finally financially at a good place. I can provide for my family and buy the occasional gift for my son.
Recently the CRA tried to ‘get their money’ that had been paid through the Consumer Proposal. I contacted Candace at GT and she took care of the several phone calls and discussions with CRA agents who don’t seem to know anything about my account. I have received several emails from the CRA regarding this… but Candance and GT have always supported me.
Make the RIGHT choice, choose Grant Thornton and let them help you too.

— Eric B., Fredericton, NB