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Grant Thornton Debt Solutions

Same team, new name
Green Hunt Wedlake's Nova Scotia personal bankruptcy and corporate recovery services are now provided by Grant Thornton in Halifax and 16 other Nova Scotia locations. The same team of Licensed Insolvency Trustees and Estate Managers is still available to help you with bankruptcy and other debt help options.

We understand how to file bankruptcy in Halifax, Nova Scotia
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Debt Help in Nova Scotia
We’re understanding, respectful,


here to help
consumer proposal and bankruptcy



doesn’t always mean bankruptcy


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Mon to Fri: 8:30am – 5pm

Evenings & weekends: On call
in Nova Scotia

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Weekdays: 8:30am — 5pm
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Grant Thornton Debt Solutions —
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Let us help you find out your options because not knowing is the hardest part!
Let us help you get a fresh start!

Call toll free from anywhere in Nova Scotia to review all of your debt help options — not just bankruptcy.

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Personal Bankruptcy Team in Halifax


Read stories of people we have helped find a solution to their debt.

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By completing the Debtor Information Form you could be on the way to resolving your financial difficulty. You are NOT committed to any course of action. We will review all options, including a proposal to your creditors, debt consolidation, and bankruptcy.

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We see the big picture — and that distinction matters, particularly when you're in the business of helping people change their lives. At Grant Thornton we make a simple promise to every client: Follow our advice, and you won't need to call a Licensed Insolvency Trustee again.

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At Grant Thornton we bring a fresh perspective to difficult situations by getting to know our clients well. We bring decades of experience to the table, and have learned that while financial stressors are common in every sector, each company needs a customized approach. From Restructuring to Recovery, we get the job done.

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Consumer Choice Award, Licensed Insolvency (Bankruptcy) Trustees in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Winner in the category of
Licensed Insolvency Trustees for Nova Scotia



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In the Media

Nova Scotians hit hard by debt

The Chronicle Herald, June 25, 2017

Nova Scotians are piling on debt, a new report shows.

In 2016, some 5,948 consumer insolvencies were filed in Nova Scotia, according to a report from the Parliamentary Budget Office. That's up 13.7 per cent from 2015, said Rob McLernon, a licensed insolvency trustee with Grant Thornton in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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