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Working with Grant Thornton is…well, our clients say it best.

Before going to see Kaitlin Verge at Grant Thornton I was feeling completely overwhelmed. I had sought advice from friends and family but things only became worse. After meeting with her I felt such relief. She had the answers to all my questions and made me feel confident that I could start over. Thank you for being so smart, professional, and organized.

— Anonymous Client, NS

Not unlike a lot of people I was struggling to admit to myself that my finances had got out of control. Due to health issues and such, I was no longer able to make even the minimum payments on my debts and before long it was a snowball effect and I was in dire straits. Right from the time I made my first call to Grant Thornton I begun to feel optimistic that there was hope. Dana and Susan looked at my situation and without feeling judged they laid out the different options I had and helped me gain the knowledge I needed to make a decision. I look forward to the path ahead of me and the knowledge I will gain to begin rebuilding both my finances and my life. Thank you for all you have done to start me on the road to a future that does not look as daunting and unmanageable as it had.

— Shawn P, Edmonton, AB

Terra was amazing to deal with. She always had the time to answer her phone and deal with our questions. It was a very stressful time but the process for us was made a lot easier by going through Grant Thornton. Great service and very personal. Thank you.

— Jordan W, Cochrane, AB

Thank you Grant Thornton especially to Terra Klassen for helping me and giving a solution to my debt problem. Please help more people like me. Great Service. Awesome Experience. Thank you.

— Anonymous Client, Calgary, AB

After a car accident I had in 2015, I totally lost all hope of ever having an opportunity to build my credit until I came to speak Kara Kolbenson in Grant Thornton Calgary office. She carefully and patiently took me through the whole process step by step until where I am today. Now I am very positive about pursuing any project in life knowing that all my debts are taken care of and I can start afresh all over again with a clean slate. A totally driving turn around in my life. I have been so grateful recently over this.

— Ikpembe E., Calgary, AB

WOW! Just WOW !! For the first time in my life, due to health and supporting my handicapped daughter and my widowed mother financially, I needed some guidance. I am truly ashamed of my circumstances, and suffered in silence. To my surprise, at Grant Thornton, I was met by Terra Klassen. This amazing woman treated me with kindness, empathy, and respect. Terra made me feel at ease and not ashamed of my recent setbacks. She gave me good solid advice! For the first time in months, I have a brighter outlook and I can work on my own health issues. THANK-YOU so much TERRA !! Sometimes angels disguise themselves in human form.

— Anonymous Client From Calgary, AB

I was waiting so long, dreading to make the call but I put my shame aside and called. One phone call changed my life! I can breathe again. The lady that pick it up was a saint. She made it so easy and you can tell she cared about you as a person and not as a number. I award this special lady. Her name is RENATA POLONI. It was like I just got saved. Thanks to all Grant Thornton staff. They all care. Make that call don’t wait. The light at end of the tunnel is with Grant Thornton. Many thanks to you all. Cheers!

— Mik, Passage, NS

We worked with Tanya Giles in the beginning when dealing with our consumer proposal. She was so informative and explained our options before we made the decision we made. Never once did she make us feel less than adequate for being in the situation we were in. A huge weight was lifted once we talked to her and for the first time in a long time did I feel there was a solution to the financial trouble we were in. I would highly recommend Grant Thornton, should have considered it long before we did, but I’m glad we made the decision.

— Anonymous Client from NS

As a senior who always had gold credit, I hit a low in 2018 due to job loss, and my ex-employer not taking enough tax off. I felt beaten. Thank God for 4 Pillars who in turn referred me to Grant Thornton. I was so embarrassed to have to do this but Kathleen Haase made me feel so much better. Gave me good advice. The hug helped a lot too. Thank you, Kathleen, job well done. I will never forget you


— Gloria H, Edmonton, AB

I have been putting off seeking help with my debt for years due to shame and embarrassment, and after speaking to Krista Metcalfe I realized I had nothing to be worried about. She was incredibly understanding and so nice that it made me wish I had come to her sooner. In addition to her courtesy in regards to my position, she offered me genuine advice and was thorough in the information she provided me in order to move forward. Krista eased my anxiety about seeking help and lifted a tremendous weight off my shoulders by helping me make a plan for the future. She took her time and is a genuine human being who cares about others. I realized I am not alone, and am eager to move forward in my plan to financial freedom again

— Anonymous Client from NS


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