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Working with Grant Thornton is…well, our clients say it best.

This group of ladies were so kind and accommodating. At a time in my life when this is the hardest thing to go through, they showed caring and compassion. I highly recommend their services. If you find yourself in a situation of needing this kind of service, they will treat you with the highest respect. Sincerely, Shawna

— Shawna H, Vilna, Alberta

Thanks to Grant Thornton I have cleared my debt and was discharged by the courts. This has taken a lot of stress out of my life and made it so I can continue in my retirement life out of debt. Thanks to the personnel there who helped me get through this in a timely manner and were there whenever I needed help. A special thanks to Sonia Hart who was there every time I needed help.
Grant Thornton looks after their clients and ensures they give the best solutions to your financial problems.

— Bob R, New Brunswick

Today I had my second follow up financial review. It went extremely well. I found them very helpful. During this difficult time, I felt at ease talking about my situation. All of my questions were answered and explain to me so that I completely understood. I now have attainable goals that I feel I can complete

— Brenda J, Yarmouth, NS

After spending more than a decade giving over half of my monthly income trying to pay back my student loan and creditors and just sinking further into debt, I decided to do something about it.
I had just become a father of a beautiful and amazing little boy and I refused to accept that he would grow up in poverty. So, I looked at my options. I contacted my bank, and after 25+ years of being a continuous and loyal customer, the best they could do was knock $100 off my monthly debt load. They showed their true colours.
I went to Grant Thornton, and that meeting was the BEST thing that ever happen to me. I was ready to declare bankruptcy, but they showed me a better way; a Consumer Proposal. The best financial move I made in the last two decades was signing that paper. But they didn’t stop there! They advocated for me when the Government wanted me to pay back taxes for the previous year and they got those taxes prorated. Every single time I ask them for help, they at least try, which is a lot more than any bank has ever done for me.
I can not thank Grant Thornton enough. My son always has food on the table, a stable home over his head and good clothes to wear thanks to them. My son has a RESP and will have a debt free future because they advocated for me, I and my family have a level of comfort that we never though we would.
They aren’t just an organization, they are people and they care about their clients. Call them! Let them help you… you will not regret it.

— Eric B, Fredericton, NB

I filed for bankruptcy 10 years ago had no problems with this firm very helpful and professional people

— David B, NB

The only thing I regret is not calling them sooner. After analyzing our financial situation, Jean Goguen at Grant Thornton recommended we do a proposal. It turned out to be the best thing we ever did. No more sleepless nights trying to find a solution to our debts. A unbelievable amount of stress was lifted off our backs. The phone calls from CRA and all our creditors ceased almost immediately. We were no longer afraid to answer the phone or go to the mailbox. Calling Grant Thornton Moncton was the best decision we ever made for our debt problem. I highly recommend these guys. Thanks Jean Goguen.

— Dan L, Riverview, NB

This was the best decision my wife and I ever made. We wish we would have done this years before. Our lives have been so much better since we made that call. We were a bit nervous walking into the office but once we spoke with our consultant and signed the papers we knew we had done the right thing. It took 5 years but it’s all done and could never be happier. I would highly recommend Grant Thornton. We had at first called another company but didn’t feel right about them so called Grant Thornton and knew things were going to work out right from initial phone call. Thank you so much for giving us our lives back.

— Anonymous Client, ON

I would highly recommend Grant Thornton and Sophie Simonds to help with your financial situation. Sophie is very easy to speak with, and she`s very understanding. I was instantly put at ease and felt comfortable talking with her from the beginning. Thank you for all your help and your quick responses.

— Rachel C, Moncton, NB

My experience with Grant Thornton has been amazing! Super friendly staff and very knowledgeable. They made me feel at ease and like they had my back. Thank you!

— Julie D, Cap Pele, NB

I would highly recommend Grant Thornton and Sophie Simonds to help with anyone who needs financial advise or help. Sophie is very soft spoken and very understanding in any questions one might have regarding Grant Thornton’s work. Grant Thornton is very lucky to have have her as well as I am to have had the opportunity to have discussed my personal finances with Sophie.

— Shelley, NB


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