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Working with Grant Thornton is…well, our clients say it best.

I am so grateful for the help and care that I had with the team at Grant Thornton. I was in a very difficult place in my life, but the team helped me in get through it step by step, particularly Kristi and Gail. Thank you so much for your kindness and guidance.

— Anonymous Client, New Brunswick

I would like to thank the Grand Thorton team for helping me through my debt. They were very helpful and non judgemental, they made me feel at ease right from the beginning!

— Kayla W, Yarmouth, NS

Going into bankruptcy was not an easy choice. The team at GT, Sandy and all the other members of the team supported me as I went through the steps. I give my thanks and would recommend GT to anyone having to deal with the same issues as I did.

— Peter G, Alberta

I was really needing to clean up and face the music in my financial situation. As a mother of three children it was really bothering me and I didn’t want to have this debt hanging over my family’s future. Then one night I was browsing the net, it was a simple and clever digital space man dancing on the moon saying do you want to be financially free and I said heck yeah and after that I received my email from Lisa and she was and is so personal and an uplifted spirit. She made me feel comfortable and in no way did I feel awkward about my situation, in fact Lisa help me feel good about reaching out to your company. She made me feel really clear and sound about every move I was making and always let me know I could ask any questions. When we were finished with our steps she then professionally passed me on to Michelle who was now going to be guiding me on the documents and signing part . Michelle was and is a wonderful agent. She continued the Grant Thornton constancy of service making feel comfortable about stopping her at any time to relay back what I understand and allowing to state what is not clear me. Both Lisa and Michelle did their jobs so well I felt like I was getting real professional help by friends. They are really good at their job of helping people get Financial Free and for this I say thanks for helping me on the path to helping myself. I look forward to the next chapter of bankruptcy and feel assured that Karen my administrator will shine as well. Financial Freedom here I come . 🙂

— Harlene J, Portcoquitlam, BC

At first, going to a consumer proposal gave me a negative connotation. But undergoing my counseling session with Ms. Kathleen, it helps me understand how to handle better my finances. Thank you so much GT team.

— Jaime F, Edmonton, AB

My husband and I are so very thankful for Grant Thornton. Due to many circumstances, we made the decision to get help! Michelle was so professional and understanding along with her team. We are looking forward to bring more comfortable financially. We would highly recommend Grant Thornton! 🙂 

— Sherry K, British Columbia

Today, March 4, 2021. I have been working with Shynelle to discuss my financial struggles and debt, she has been the upmost professional and considerate. This has not been easy however she has made taking the first steps on getting on the right track financially easier for me. Thank you Shynelle for all your support and kindness.

— Anonymous, Iqaluit, NU

I would like to express my appreciation to the Grant Thornton team for helping provide the best solution for my debt. Theresa was always clear, thorough and on point with the whole process. I am glad to have made the call to this team.

— Liz B, Alberta

I would like to thank Linda Gould and the Grant Thornton team for helping me with debt solutions. Very professional and non judgmental from beginning to end.

— Jared, Edmonton, AB

When I realized that our finances – Credit Cards and Line-of-Credit were almost maxed and we could barely pay the interest each month something had to be done. After meeting with one of the banks, accompanied by one of my daughters, we realized that getting loans from two banks would be more than we could manage. I then contacted a Debt Counselling Agency and an appointment was set up. I found the counsellor robotic and one size fits all. Our payments with this Agency would have been almost as much as we would have had to pay through the bank. He did suggest, however, we pursue personal bankruptcy. It was with great trepidation that I contacted Grant Thornton services. I felt we were letting the banks down, embarrassed, inadequate and not fulfilling our financial responsibility that we had taken on. Something like this had never happened before and I felt that we should have been able to handle this on our own. At Grant Thornton I was met with people who respected confidentiality, were understanding, put me at ease, were non judgmental, organized, proficient and above all professional. Patricia Swan did the numbers and advised me that we did not fall under the personal bankruptcy guidelines. She suggested that a Joint Consumer Proposal could be made on our behalf. This all happened in the midst of a World Pandemic where banking institutions were closed and I was not able to open new accounts until May. Trish continued to be steady and supportive throughout. Along with Trish, I want to thank everyone else from Grant Thornton who throughout were professional, supportive and gave us excellent counselling and advice.

— Gwen B


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