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Alana, Thunder Bay

I always felt I was a client not a case file.

— Alana, Thunder Bay

Thank you so much for all of the work you and your team put into my file. All things considered it was really a positive experience. Your compassion, understanding and willingness to step in and help made potentially traumatic experience a learning experience. I’ve chalked the bankruptcy up to tuition in the university of life.

Daniel was also very helpful, readily available and willing to explain things I didn’t understand along the way.

Alannah was tremendous, she was quick to return a phone call, seek information where there was question. I always felt I was a client not a case file. I was away on business the final week as we were putting the final pieces together, which was a little complicated as a result. Alannah went WAY over and above to communicate with me between her daily activities and my meetings to ensure a smooth wrap up.

At Grant Thornton, we respect the confidentiality of our clients. Although the names and details have been altered, these stories are based on real life situations. They also demonstrate that every situation is different and the importance of speaking to an experienced insolvency administrator to discuss the options available.


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