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Kaitlin Verge

In 2017, I discovered my passion for helping those with overwhelming debt when I began my career at Grant Thornton. In my day-to-day role, I focus on educating individuals, families and small businesses in Nova Scotia on insolvency processes, and what solutions might be available for them. 

I was born and raised in Dartmouth N.S where my family has run a local business for over 50 years. I attended University in Halifax N.S graduating from Saint Mary’s with a Bachelor of Arts in 2014, and Mount Saint Vincent with a Bachelor of Education in 2016.

In my spare time, I enjoy helping out with our family business but have developed a passion for refinishing antique furniture and doing home renovations with my partner. I still hold true to my artistic routes as an avid reader and amateur photographer. As a die-hard admirer of our province, I often go on local adventures with my partner, trying to capture as much as I can of our province’s natural beauty.


“They saved my life – I felt like I had no way out from my financial problems but right from the start they showed me a way out. They don’t judge or talk down to you – they are awesome especially Kaitlyn.” – Jennifer P, Halifax

“Before going to see Kaitlin Verge at Grant Thornton I was feeling completely overwhelmed. I had sought advice from friends and family but things only became worse. After meeting with her I felt such relief. She had the answers to all my questions and made me feel confident that I could start over. Thank you for being so smart, professional, and organized.” – Anonymous Client, NS