(Text appears on screen, showing “How is my spouse affected by my bankruptcy?” and then slowly fades away.)

Unless your spouse or partner

(Freida Richer, Licensed Insolvency Trustees, appears on screen.)

has co-signed or guaranteed a debt, they are not responsible for that debt. It is yours solely, end of story. During your initial meeting at Grant Thornton, we will discuss with you the effect your bankruptcy might have on your spouse. And it’s important for your spouse or partner to understand it before you collectively make a decision about filing. Sometimes the non-bankrupt spouse or partner chooses not to participate in the process. Now, it is the duty of the bankrupt spouse to disclose all income in the household. However, the trustee can’t compel or force your partner or your spouse to release their information. And that’s their right to keep that information private. Now, as Trustee, we will notify only your creditors. We don’t notify your employer. We don’t notify your family members. So, you can rest assured that we will keep your bankruptcy as confidential as possible.

(Freida fades off the screen and the Grant Thornton logo appears. The video ends.)