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Working with Grant Thornton is…well, our clients say it best.

We had our first budgeting meeting with Sim and she was great. She was very professional and understanding, as well as willing to take extra time to answer some questions we had concerning the whole process.

Thank you

— JW, Calgary, AB

I want to thank Sandy Lyons for all the help and support he has given me during this very trying time. He was very understanding and kind. Thanks again for everything.

— Dianne S, Lethbridge, AB

I have nothing but good things to say about my experience with GT. What started as a scary journey turned into a fresh new start. I had the pleasure of speaking with Sim from the Calgary office. She was happy to answer any and all questions I had and was so friendly and kind. Thank you Sim, you’re the best!

— Sarah, Calgary AB

I cannot thank Sim Brar for everything she has done for me. She made me feel that everything is going to be ok! I met with Sim stressed to the MAX and I left feeling life was going to be normal again. I never felt judged in any way at all. She is an ANGEL that sat behind a desk, THANK YOU SIM.

— L H, Alberta

I found myself in a place I had never ever thought or envisioned. Nor did I expect it to take a mental and physical toll, but it does. In a very dark time in my life, I found someone that offered a hand and a way to breach the surface I was drowning under. It started with a phone call to a lady at Grant Thorton that offered insightful and clear options, her name was Patricia Swan. A few days later I was in their office talking with Larry Crandall. I was still uneasy but felt I was in the right hands and sure enough, I found myself shedding a tear and giving Larry a hug before heading out the door. I knew at that moment this was the first step to my fresh start.

Thanks, Larry and Patricia at Grant Thornton


— Michael M, Lincoln NB

We would like to thank Grant Thornton for everything they did for us. Kathleen Haase was absolutely awesome. You saved us financially, emotionally. Thank you so much

— L,Gunn AB

To the team of Abakhan (now Grant Thornton). I wanted to thank you for all of your help and kindness through a very tough time in my life. My appreciation is immense and I will certainly recommend you to anyone I come across who requires assistance.

— Anonymous Client, BC

I thought I’d take a moment and thank the folks at Grant Thornton, especially Kathleen Haase, she has been an absolutely professional through my whole endeavour.
Grant Thornton has been an awesome team member to help navigate through some difficult times. Kathleen has always provided me the time, space and answers, to achieve optimum success through the experience of bankruptcy.

A big thank you!

William Top

— William, Edmonton AB

Thank you Grant Thornton, especially Shynelle Derzaph for helping me start over again. You had all the answers.

Don Marshall

— Don M, Edmonton AB

Before going to see Kaitlin Verge at Grant Thornton I was feeling completely overwhelmed. I had sought advice from friends and family but things only became worse. After meeting with her I felt such relief. She had the answers to all my questions and made me feel confident that I could start over. Thank you for being so smart, professional, and organized.

— Anonymous Client, NS


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