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Working with Grant Thornton is…well, our clients say it best.

Always a bit nerve wracking (as others noted) when dealing with debt and a feeling of shame that may pursue. They suggested a consumer proposal would be most fitting and I agreed. Michelle Laberge helped me a lot as did Jacquie Scott and Holly who counselled me to get my budget on track. Very happy with the communication of staff and understanding. They never judged me based on my spending past. Very compassionate and professional.
I just paid off my debt this month. It was even four years faster, as I got more work during the virus days as essential worker.
I thank God and GT. Cheers!

— Will P, Kamloops, BC

I remember how scared I was even making the initial phone call to book the appointment. I remember how nervous I felt leading up to the moment I was getting my appointment. The embarrassment I felt, the anxiousness I felt for having to say out loud the mess of my life financially. My youngest son was diagnosed with cancer two years ago and what that has done to our family financially has been extremely overwhelming. When I phoned Grant Thornton I booked my appointment and I set a date to get this process started and to start the next chapter of my life. Leading up to my consultation I was so nervous. I remember when Krista Metcalfe called me. Honestly every single worry every single bit of anxiousness all went out the window. She’s a mom like me. She understood that a mom needs to do what a mom needs to do. There was no judgement or sense of attitude or criticism and I had never felt so at ease in my whole life. I ended the conversation with goosebumps and tears in my eyes. If you are wondering if you should get help the answer is yes you should. You shouldn’t carry that burden. At least call them and talk to them and see what they have to say. Nothing is final until you say so. Today I received the best customer service I have ever received in my entire life.

— Anonymous Client, Halifax, NS

Our experience with Grant Thornton commenced mid-March, 2020 after a referral from Canada Freedom Financial Centre, who negotiated a Draft Consumer Proposal on our behalf. I commend the staff that my wife, Bev and I dealt with at Grant Thornton from the outset, getting to understand our situation, very professionally fine tuning the Proposal and always keeping us in the loop throughout the lengthy process. We appreciated the thoughtfulness and caring while explaining every step of the way, when finalizing the Consumer Proposal and filing with the Creditors. Upon acceptance by the Creditors, Bev and I this afternoon completed our first of two Insolvency Counseling Sessions, professionally conducted by Kathleen Haase. Kathleen was understanding and attentively
listened to our concerns with COVID-19 and more recently the Spring Flood in Fort McMurray and the repercussions. She shared several helpful hints to assist us in moving forward. THANKS TO YOUR TEAM.
Bev and Gary

— Bev and Gary E. Fort McMurray, AB

After about 5 years of struggling with debt I finally made the decision to investigate bankruptcy as a possible solution to my financial issues. At this time I was spent, confidence gone and feeling ashamed. I was recommended by a friend to make an appointment with Grant Thornton. I did and I am so glad I did. My bankruptcy is over and I am just awaiting my official discharge. What a difference from when I first attended that appointment and now. I feel like I have my life back and I can move forward. I cannot say enough about how I was treated while working with Grant Thornton. I was treated with respect and dignity. The staff were very helpful and always made time to work with me and help to clarify things I did not understand. To both the Grant Thornton staff in Victoria BC and the staff I worked with through email and over the phone back east. Thank you.

— Anonymous Client, Victoria, BC

I had known for a long time that I was in trouble, I just did not want to admit it. I thought I could handle things, you know … pay off one credit card bill with a different one, that sort of thing. I would accept the offers to increase my credit limit because that would for sure make it easier for me to get out of debt. WRONG. When things finally hit the low point, I first approached a different company to see what could be done to help me, they suggested a variety of options that were available to me, and it seemed that going for bankruptcy was the only way things would work in my situation. I was provided with contact information for Grant Thornton and made the call. I felt embarrassed, ashamed, guilty, like a failure for not being able to control the debt that I had incurred over the years, feeling inadequate that I was ruining not only my life but that of my family as well. From my very first interaction with Dana Brouwer at the front desk to meeting Freida Richer at my initial consultation, I felt much more at ease. They treated me with respect, compassion, and made me realize that there was a solution. All interactions with Dana Niaj who handled my case, along with my two counselling sessions with Kathleen Haase, went very smoothly. I was always treated very professionally, and with a great deal of empathy. My case has just finished, I just received my Certificate of Discharge today. It was not as bad a road as I had initially thought it would be. ALL the staff at Grant Thornton I dealt with at the West Edmonton Mall location were fantastic. I will never see any of them again, because they all did such a good job with me, in teaching me how to better handle my finances. In a way that is too bad, as they are all wonderful people who I would be grateful to be able to call friends. I do know this for sure, they saved my life, my family’s life, and made me a better person. THANK YOU ALL, SO VERY, VERY, MUCH.
Robert D. Edmonton, AB

— Robert D., Edmonton, AB

We would like to thank the Edmonton Northgate office Linda & Kathleen & Susan for their professionalism & compassion. Our experience taught us a lot of new skills that we will use going forward. Thanks, the Jones’s.

— The Jones's, Edmonton, AB

I would like to thank Kathleen Haase, Susan Methuen and their team for doing a great job in reducing by unsecured debt. Kathleen helped us to learn how to manage money, made some changes to our spending habits, how to prioritize our needs and wants. The counselling sessions were so helpful. Thank you once again for your time and help with a very difficult time in my life. Now I can breathe and live stress-free.
–A & S

— A & S, Edmonton, AB

I encourage everyone that is stressed and feeling out of options regarding their financial situation, to pick up the phone and call Grant Thornton. I went back to school later in life for a career change and throughout my four-year degree, I had to rely on credit products during monetary shortfalls to get through to the finish. I found it a challenge in my home province to gain meaningful employment when finishing my degree and entering the workforce. I ended up having a period of unemployment and my credit debt soon became unmanageable. I tried many different ways on my own to keep afloat financially, such as asking for product switches with lower interest, deferral payments and on it went. I eventually found myself struggling much worse as the interest rates inflated due to half-payments, the credit debt monthly was more at this point than I could afford. I was at a point with this debt load that I would continue to struggle even If I did get one of the highest paying jobs in my new field of work. I saw advertisements for a free consultation with Grant Thornton while online and decided I had nothing to lose by calling and admittingly needed help creating a doable plan for fixing my financial struggles. The first call is all it took… My first point of contact with Grant Thornton was with an amazing financial advisor Lindsay Reeves! Lindsay listened to my story and truly made me feel that I wasn’t alone anymore and that I don’t need to feel bullied anymore by my situation. Lindsay was able to help me create a plan of action to tackle my finances in a personable and reasonable way. She was available after the initial free consultation for updates and setting up future appointments, she was great to talk to on the phone and also treated me with an incredible amount of dignity. I think many of us are afraid to share with anyone the messes we have found ourselves in due to our financial decisions; however, there are always solutions to these types of messes and Grant Thornton helped me find my solutions. Thank you so much for all you have done for me, Lindsay Reeves and Dave MacDonald!!!!

— Joey C, Windsor, NS

I’ve been working with Terra and Jill and they have been wonderful. They made this difficult transition easy and simple to do. I would recommend any day of the week.

— Kyle N, Calgary, AB

I am so grateful to Lindsay Reeves and Dave MacDonald who walked me through this process with so much kindness and clarity and compassion. This has been such a lifesaving process during a very difficult time and I will be forever grateful for their help. I would highly recommend Lindsay and Dave and the whole team at Grant Thornton in Nova Scotia if you are looking for help and support with debts. I have a fresh start now, thanks to their help and support.

— Anonymous Client, Merigomish, NS


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