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Working with Grant Thornton is…well, our clients say it best.

Theresa and Frieda were very pleasant to deal with. They answered all of my questions and were helpful with my situation.

— Shannon, Wetaskiwin, AB

I would like to share something with everyone. The fact that when my wife and I had our first talk about me going to Grant Thornton for help. I was afraid at first because I thought they would think differently of me. Belittling I guess is the best word to describe my thoughts. Never the less, I had to do it because of my financial situation. We’ll all my thoughts were proven wrong. When we met Lindsay for the first time, she is one of the nicest friendly people we have ever met. She was so nice to talk to and share my financial problems with. After all the paper work was signed, then came Dave to sign off on some of the papers that required his signature. He too was so friendly and treated us with respect. I now can finally get a good nights sleep without waking up worrying about my finances.
I would recommend Grant Thornton to anyone and my message to everyone is “Don’t be afraid like I was at first”.

— Gerald, Halifax, NS

Thank you so much Kara Kolbenson for all your help during a very confusing process. Kara was there for us through every step and always willing to take the time to explain. Thanks again Grant Thornton we are very satisfied with the process from start to finish.

— Wanda, Airdrie, AB

Thank you Kara for all your help! I felt very comfortable with you and you are so professional. I should have of done it sooner… already feeling better about it!

— Lisbeth, Airdrie, AB

I was very frustrated with my financial situation and Wayne did not hesitate to help me. Kara and Wayne we both lovely, fast and efficient at providing a solution and provided positivity back into my life. 

— Laura, Airdrie, AB

I wish to thank Grant Thornton and their staff for the personal services rendered during my consumer proposal process.

The staff at the North Edmonton office were very helpful and knowledgeable. They made me feel so at ease, and best of all showed empathy and were non-judgemental (especially Kathleen Haase – her warm smile and kind eyes can calm any scary storm). The first time I appeared in your office, I was afraid and very nervous but your warm, caring and easygoing nature quickly assured me that I would be okay and with that my fears slowly vanished. In fact, during the entire process, I gained a greater conscious awareness and understanding about my life in general and I’m glad that I made a decision to seek help and I’m so very grateful for the GT staff!

Again, I say thank you, thank you, and may you all continue to be blessed with abundant happiness, great health and the utmost gratitude.

Warmest regards,

— Nicole, Edmonton, AB

Struggling under debt that had managed to pile up following an illness and subsequent surgery and treatments, I felt my depression taking over. I was unable to work and my pension was not enough to ever get things back under control. That is when I found Grant Thornton. They literally saved my life. A manageable solution was all I needed. They provided it for me. My advice to anyone struggling under the weight of debt…make that call….visit the website… It will put you back in control of your life!!! It’s not easy asking for help….but Grant Thornton has put me back on track with their knowledgeable and caring staff.

— Audrey, Edmonton, AB

I love my parents but when they finally shared with us their financial burdens and the heavy weight of stress it caused on them, we met with Kara Kolbenson at GT’s offices downtown. It was a life-changing experience for my parents when it culminated 2 weeks later into their bankruptcy declaration under GT’s Wayne Weber’s handling. We have hope for longer lives and better lives together for my parents now. 

— Larry B.

I want to say thank you for being so helpful right from the beginning to the end. Quick to respond with answers that I needed to help me make the best decision.
Nothing but outstanding results. Definitely recommend this company and their team.

— Erich B., West Vancouver, BC

Thank you for the great work and making the process a learning one.

— Vincent, Spruce Grove, AB


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