I just want to thank you so much for all of your assistance. Both my dad and I can breathe easier. Amazing people and amazing company.

— Terri O., Surrey, BC

Great service and professional.

— Mathieu Duguay

WOW – I don’t even know where to start! Well, perhaps with the ironic turn in my financial situation. It makes me kind of laugh now! But, what I need you to know, is how much your words of support and encouragement have really meant. Though it’s turned out kind of easy ending my scenario, the amount of fear and shame that I’ve held onto for years was so debilitating. And, though in a short time, just your voice on email has given me such confidence to rise above and keep going. Honestly – I feel like the biggest life block has been lifted and I have an opportunity to truly be happy!

You’ve done the work behind my smile for years to come! Thanks for having a personal approach, and kindness, and understanding. 

— Anonymous, BC

Sophie was great to work with. I was very nervous and ashamed to have to ask for help and advice with my situation. Sophie never made me feel that I was doing, or had done anything wrong. Her compassion and understanding helped to put me at ease. Thank you, Sophie and the Grant Thornton group.

— James Appleby

It took several months for me to contact Grant & Thornton. I did it. The financial load of debt is gone, and I’m now working on a budget and savings. The 💰 in my bank accounts is my money. If you are thinking about doing this don’t hesitate. This feeling I have is unbelievable. No more stress and worry or doing the financial balancing act of who to pay.

I also want to thank everyone at Grant & Thornton for all your help and guidance though this part of my life.

— Catherine May F.

I went to Grant Thornton, desperate for financial relief of some sort. I just had a son, was changing between jobs and had been paying debts for over 12 years. I have said it before and will say it again, the people at GT are amazing. I took the consumer proposal option and am finally financially at a good place. I can provide for my family and buy the occasional gift for my son.
Recently the CRA tried to ‘get their money’ that had been paid through the Consumer Proposal. I contacted Candace at GT and she took care of the several phone calls and discussions with CRA agents who don’t seem to know anything about my account. I have received several emails from the CRA regarding this… but Candance and GT have always supported me.
Make the RIGHT choice, choose Grant Thornton and let them help you too.

— Eric B., Fredericton, NB