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How to read your credit report 

When accessing your credit report, the structure and terminology may seem intimidating—but we’ve got you covered. We’ve pulled together a simple guide on how to make a healthy habit out of accessing and reviewing your credit report on a yearly basis.
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Yellow package lying on a doorstep after being purchased online using a buy now, pay later program

Buy now, pay later? The real cost of buy now, pay later programs

If you shop online, you’ve likely come across a “Buy Now, Pay Later” option on the checkout page. We’ve broken down the information you need to know before you buy now and pay later.
Group of six people of all ages smiling and laughing with each other

How much debt is 'normal' for your age?

Different life stages, like being a student, buying a house, or retiring, may mean taking on debt. Knowing where you stand financially can help you decide where to go next on your financial journey. See if your debt is 'normal' for your age.
Father and two kids lying down and smiling after family financial meeting

Family finance 101: A simple way to talk to your kids about money 

The benefits of holding a family finance meeting—finding new budgeting strategies, ways to cut unnecessary expenses, reducing financial stress—are countless and the results might surprise you.

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Couple with tax debt looking at a letter from the CRA indicating their amount owing

Income tax debt relief

If you have outstanding income tax debt with the CRA, you should deal with it sooner than later. Options are available to help you overcome income tax debt.
Two houses with yellow doors and mortgages up for renewal

My mortgage is coming up for renewal–what should I do?

The Bank of Canada predicts that Canadians with existing mortgages could see a 20-40% increase in their monthly payments when it comes time to renew. See our five tips to help manage your mortgage when it's up for renewal.
Person holding calculator while creating a basic budget

How to make a basic budget—and stick to it

When it comes to making a budget, many people don’t know where to begin. We’ve outlined three simple steps to create a basic budget that will help get your finances in order.
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Explore your debt repayment options

Every person's debt situation is different. Our debt repayment calculator can help you understand your debt management options and estimated monthly payments.

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