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Morgan Kelly

I am an Estate Manager in Grant Thornton’s Vancouver office. I work in personal insolvency, assisting individuals in finding solutions for their overwhelming debts, including through managing bankruptcies and consumer proposals. Nothing is more rewarding than knowing that I have helped lift a weight off someone’s shoulders and that they feel as they have everything they need for a financial fresh start!

I have worked in the insolvency industry since 2012 and have been with Grant Thornton Limited and its predecessor firm, Abakhan & Associates Inc., since September 2016.


“I owned a subcontracting company that was growing steadily, but we, unfortunately, took on some work with a general contractor who could not pay his bills and we were stuck with the crippling debt. I felt sick to my stomach every day thinking about the people down the line that I couldn’t pay back. I never thought about bankruptcy because I thought I was responsible with my money and that it couldn’t happen to me. After weeks of not knowing what to do, getting served, and staring at an insurmountable amount of debt, I contacted GT and was lucky enough to link up with Morgan Kelly. She has literally saved my life! She has been an amazing resource, her ability to explain complex financial systems is unparalleled. She’s patient, fair, and knowledgeable. I’m so glad my file landed on her desk. If you are looking for debt relief, please, stop the suffering and call Morgan, she’s the best!”


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