Like an individual can find themselves in a challenging financial place, so can a company. If your business needs help, you can trust Grant Thornton to help you get on track. We bring decades of experience to the table, and have learned that while financial stress is common in every sector, each company needs a customized approach. And that’s exactly what we deliver—customized, workable solutions that maximize value.

Common challenges

Every business is unique, as is every business challenge. But there are a few common warning signs that your business may benefit from a corporate recovery service:

  • Cash flow problems or difficulty paying creditors
  • Being offside on banking covenants 
  • A strained relationship with your lender
  • You crave direction or guidance in navigating your company’s future
  • You need financing or M&A
  • You are the victim of a fraud or theft

Solutions for any size business, in any industry

Like a broken bone can heal stronger than before it was broken, a business can emerge from recovery in a healthier state than it was ever in. Here are the ways your Grant Thornton professionals can help your business become stronger than ever. 

Viability and financial reviews

A detailed analysis can provide you with actionable insights and recommendations on your business. Learn about viability, the cause of financial trouble, the path to recovery, and relevant market dynamics.

Business plans

If you’re looking for refinancing, or to attract new investors, we can help prepare a business plan to assist you.

Accelerated mergers & acquisitions 

Sometimes in distressed situations, there is little time to carry out the necessary corporate finance activities within the normal timeframe. Our professionals have the experience to project manage purchase or sale transactions within weeks.

Turnaround and restructuring

Our multidisciplinary teams will work cooperatively with you to assess cash flow and working capital needs, and also develop new business strategies, assist in the divestiture of non-core businesses, and design new capital structures.

Strategic performance review

Strategic performance reviews analyze the key drivers of performance improvement. Allow us to provide a framework to evaluate your financial and operational options, and identify solutions that make your business more competitive.

Formal corporate insolvency filings

Our Licensed Insolvency Trustees across Canada can act in statutory insolvency appointments including receiverships, bankruptcies, proposals, CCAA, and liquidations.

Our team

Meet our national network of corporate recovery specialists.

Marty Eakins
Jean Goguen
Rick Hamilton
Rob Hunt
Karl Michael
Philip McCourt
Sean MacNeil
David McNeill
Peter Wedlake
Dan Woo