Money Mindfulness: 5 ways to balance mental health and financial stress

It’s easy to fall into a cycle of stress and avoidance when it comes to money. Sometimes, tackling big financial issues when you’re already struggling is too much, and that’s okay! We’ve collected five Money Mindfulness tips to help control your finances while you focus on your mental health.


Woman with her credit card at the computer

If you’re struggling to remember tasks, try setting up automatic payments to avoid late fees.


Family grocery shopping

Running errands with sensory issues can be difficult. Check if your grocery store offers sensory-friendly hours so you can shop without stress and skip expensive delivery fees.


Man looking at his phone and credit card

Delete credit card info and shopping apps from your phone to avoid impulse purchases.


Old woman holding Canadian bills

Do you struggle to track your spending? Try using cash as a physical reminder of your budget.


Woman looking at dress on hanger

Feeling guilty about a purchase? It’s okay to return an item or resell it later to get your money back.

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