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Thank you for making a difficult time in our life easier to deal with.

- Grant Thornton client

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Thank you for making a difficult time in our life easier to deal with.

- Peter B

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We help investors

When do investors need us?

Any of the following symptoms can lead to increased risk for you as an investor. We have the experience and resources to assess how great the risk may be and whether the symptoms can be managed:

1) Unsatisfactory financial reporting

  • Late financial statements

  • Year end financial statements significantly different from interim financial statements

  • Unexplained difference between actual and forecast

  • Sudden changes in accounting policies, e.g., deferral of R&D and marketing costs

2) Deteriorating financial results

  • Increase in losses

  • Decline in gross profit percentage, sales and earnings

  • Overhead costs uncontrolled

  • Debt to equity ratio too high

  • Overheads too high and increasing

  • Bad debts

  • Decline in new orders

3) No business plan

  • No mission statement/objectives

  • Lack of budgetary control

  • No realistic income and cash flow forecasts

4) Inadequate liquidity

  • Age of accounts receivable and accounts payable increasing

  • Financing long-term assets with working capital

  • Negative cash flow

5) Change in senior management

  • Members of senior leadership have resigned or been terminated;

6) Industry repositioning

  • Technology inspired shift in consumer patterns


Financial difficulties often distract senior management from their key role in running the business day-to-day. Such situations can become emotionally charged, further compounding the issues.

We act as a buffer to calm and stabilize the situation while developing and implementing strategies directed towards a positive solution. Our services may include:

  • Informal discussions with the company's creditors or lenders;

  • Assisting in disposing of non-productive assets;

  • Assisting in preparation of business plans and presentation thereof to stakeholders;

  • Assisting in the sale or windup of non-performing business units;

  • Acting in a formal capacity under appropriate restructuring/insolvency legislation to provide the company with the required creditor protection while assessing and implementing the best options;

  • Act as consultant to assess the seriousness of the early warning signs;

  • Perform consulting assignments to assess the company's viability, business plan and prospects



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