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I owe 35,000 on my 2 lines of credit and have $15,000 credit card debt. I am leasing my car. My husband went bankrupt 21 years ago when I lived in Ont. and of course my name went as well as I was on some of the debt. I am 68 years old with chronic arthritis but am still working in order to pay my debts. I am on time with all my debt, but am worried that once I have to leave my job, I won’t be able to make all my payments. I do not own a home, I live with a friend and help with utilities. Can you give me advice on how I should handle this. I just can’t seem to get ahead as I always seem to need money for something. I would like to pay down my debt, but am having a hard time not using my cards or line of credit. Thanks for your time.



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Jul 09, 2018



Hi Sylvia, thank you for your question. The best way to figure out what a bankruptcy or consumer proposal might look like for you is through a free confidential consultation. This would not obligate you to file a bankruptcy or consumer proposal but it would provide you with some possible solutions for your debt. Many of our clients do worry about how their situation would be affected if they were no longer able to work. We thoroughly review the effects this scenario may or may not have on a bankruptcy or consumer proposal so you can make your most educated decision. Consultations can be booked through our toll free number 310-6060. – Kaitlin

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